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Self Managed Surveillance System - No monthly fees

Stay safe with your family on your own terms

Do you want to know what is going on at home when you are not at home?

You are on vacation, or at work, and you start to wonder if everything is safe at home.


  • What's going on in the neighborhood?

  • Is my car still in the driveway?

  • Are my kids home yet?

  • Have my kids left for school?

  • Is my water heater leaking?

  • Did the smoke detector alarm go off?

All these questions can be answered by a click on your phone

We install wired and wire free camera's and security systems


Alarm System
Intrusion prevention system with a phone app

As low as $160.00

View your home from anywhere
Starting from as low as $200.00

Smart doorbell
Know who's at the door while you are away

Starting from $380.00

Automated door lock
Lock and unlock you door from your phone

As low as $160.00

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