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Home Automation

"Hey Google, turn off the lights in the kitchen"

We have all seen it...

We have all heard it...


Now you want it!

Lets give you some peace of mind. Lets make your home a smart home.

You can check and know you didn't leave the iron plugged in...or the front door open...or the garage door open...or was it the lights?

Its not the future, its now and its here

The way we work, play and interact with everything has changed. Imagine how cool it would be to lie down on the couch and use your voice to turn on the lights?

Home automation goes beyond just that. It starts from things as simple as turning your lights on with your phone or voice, to closing and opening your garage door...or front door using your phone from any where you are in the world


Remote light control
Control your lights from your phone

Starting from $60.00


Remote thermostat control
Manage your heating from your phone
Starting from $320.00


Google & Alexa Integration
Control lights, thermostat and doors with your voice

Starting from $100.00


Remote garage door control
Open and close your garage door from anywhere

As low as $180.00

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